Real Bright (Hong Kong) Limited

Real Bright (Hong Kong) Limited 


Real Bright (Hong Kong) Limited is established in 2019, and is a subsidiary of Express International Developmen tLtd (EID). 

Our mission is to provide resources to airlines and ground handling agents. 

With the establishment of Real Bright (Hong Kong) Limited (Real Bright), EID will focus to provide services to Airport Authority Hong Kong, while Real Bright will provide excellent, effective and efficient services in economic ways to all working partners. 

Mr. K. K. Lai, Head of EID and Mr. Robert Wei, the former Chief Operation Officer of EID, are both the shareholders of Real Bright. 

Two experienced airport workers have joined our operation team recently. 

They are Mr. Chris Huen, the former CX Manager and Mr. K. H. Luk, the former ISS Manager.


About Express International Development Ltd (EID) Business Scopes 


To follow the development trend of the Hong Kong International Airport, 

Express International Development Ltd (EID) was established accordingly in 2005. 

The purpose of the establishment is to provide fit-out services for airport services companies. 

EID focuses on human resources for the airport community, and customer service management. 

At present, there are over 500 full time employee working in the company. 

Our services cover the entire Hong Kong International Airport, and our customers include the Airport Authority, Ground Handling Companies and major airlines.



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