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Our Scope of Services

Real Bright (Hong Kong) Limited is devoted to provide a variety of quality services within the Hong Kong International Airport to our business partners. Having been working in the airport back then for many years, we fully understand the gigantic number of aircraft movements in each day. The growing demand for different types of services definitely requires more attention as the services would usually establish passengers’ first impression towards Hong Kong. That would be the reason why you are choosing us to cooperate with us. With over 500 employees, including some of the very sophisticated and veteran senior workers, our scope of services has been expanded to a considerable size. We have different departments handling each specific service respectively, ensuring efficient operations and high resilience towards changes and challenges.


Real Bright provides you with the following services.


1. For the passengers, services with training programmes to employees offered include:


1.1. Landside services


1.1.1. Check-in

Departing passengers shall be well prepared for everything about entering their destinations. Thus, we offer thorough examinations on the preparations that they may have forgotten to do. That would include printing boarding passes, checking if the passports are valid and checking the special documents required for entering the border of certain places. In addition, we help passengers weigh their luggage bags and perform tagging.


1.1.2. Counter dressing

We set up queue rope barriers for check-in counters in the departure hall and the boarding gates so that passengers can queue in an orderly manner while waiting for their turn.


1.1.3. Wheelchair Services

For passengers with special needs, we are pleased to provide wheelchair services to help them travel to the appropriate gates or check-in counters. Our efficient workers could get passengers in need to their next gates on time safely. We have received compliments about our organized wheelchair service despite a large amount of wheelchair service requests at the same time. Besides, we demand our staff to demonstrate the greatest courtesy when communicating with passengers. We wish every passenger to enjoy their stay in Hong Kong by maintaining the highest standard of services.


1.1.4. Self-bag drop

Passengers could use the self-bag drop service in the airport. If they encounter any problems concerning how to operate the machine or how to fill out the information required, our staff are ready to help out with all their queries. That shortens the time that passengers need to complete the necessary bag drop procedures and allows the passengers sufficient time to get on board and settle down.


1.1.5. Meet and assist

We offer meet and assist services to passengers with special needs to ensure a hindrance-free experience so that their stay in the airport would make their journey even more content.


1.2. Airside services


1.2.1. Document check

Our staff would help passengers check if there are any missing or invalid documents (e.g. passports) which are necessary for them to pass the check-in prior to visiting the check-in counters.


1.2.2. Meet and assist

Meet and assist services are provided to passengers with special needs such that they could board another plane or get their luggage smoothly.


2. Baggage


2.1. Loading and unloading

Passengers’ baggage is loaded to the arrival hall from the airplane by our workers.


2.2. Retagging

During a transit, passengers do not get their baggage back. We will do the necessary retagging to renew the labels on the luggage bags to facilitate luggage identifications when the luggage reach their next stop.


2.3. Firearm handling

As there are controlled exports on firearms and ammunition, passengers cannot just put their firearms into their baggage and hand it to the customs officers for security check, or else they may face severe punishments. We offer help to passengers to handle the details and complete the procedures to apply for the export of the firearms so that the time spent on passing the security could be greatly reduced.


2.4. Lost and found

After a long flight, it is common to see luggage bags have their original tags torn off or missing. We handle the unclaimed baggage at the lost and found counter. Passengers who find their bags missing or wrong could find help from the lost and found counter to identify their lost luggage bags.


2.5. Mishandled baggage handling

Mishandled baggage, including bags without tags and damaged luggage boxes are passed to us for further actions including retagging and claiming by passengers.


Our mission is to provide a comfortable journey and a fascinating experience to passengers visiting Hong Kong International Airport. We treat all our passengers with faith and effort in the hope of building the nicest image for Hong Kong.

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